Welcome To Hell

segunda-feira, 8 de novembro de 2010

My thing

From now on I'll writter in any languague that I studied(and still studying). Ok. This is not for the another peaple think that I'm someone who can writter in more than a mother language. This's a exercise for me improving my english and pratice the knowledge that I accumulated in languages, and also for make me ready for the test of diplomacy(I still feel very badly prepared).
Ps: I'm not used to writing in another language than Portuguese, so any error, grammatical, semantic, syntactic, please tell me.
So... Let's go to the point.
For me today was the day that should not have gotten out of bed. I'll not go into details. I'll resume it in words of Werther:
"Insubordination isn't a thing that I like..."
Well peaples, is it for today. I just come to say that I come back, and now, forever
Let you with this: