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quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2011

From now on

This will be my first text in english that i will write here. In this first text I would like to address a subject which is the majority importance to me: when and how I dedicate myself to pursuit the diplomat’s track

To discoverer what I wanted to become I had to been through much thing. Everything starts when I was nearly finishing the high school. At that time with 17-year-old I do not have idea what to do after the high school but I had a plan on my mid that was to do a Technical course before I enroll myself into a Graduation, just to make sure that is the area that I really wanted to work for. So, I tried to become a Mechanic and I studied at IFES for one year, but I realize that I did not born to become nothing connected with engineer process. Then I tried something a little different: Technical in Ports – which makes me think during a year that I passed there that I was completely lost about my future, and most important about my career. In the first year wasted there I start to figure out “my wishes”. So I started my course trying to reach a public service – and for that I had to study a great deal of time.

When I mad 18-year-old I I passed in 4 tender
s. And I started to like to make tenders: the adrenaline, the hash, the jitters. Then I passed I waited one year before taking the office and during this year waiting I had time to read a lot of stuffs, and in one of that stuffs were a little article named: Diplomat’s responsibilities. I loved this article and I fell in love with the career since then. At the middle of 2009 I realize what I wanted to become in life ant that made me enroll myself at UFES and start a Graduation.

And since then I have focused in this. Improving my languages that I always studied since kindergarten: English and Spanish and doing a graduation in French. Perhaps it is not the better way to discover what you want to be in your life but definitely worked with me. And if I could give one small advice to everyone is that you must know what you really want to be and then fall in love with because sooner or later it will make all difference in your life. And remember to always be in focus.

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