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terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Época... Epoque... Epourquoi


    Horrible Journalism

Increasingly the bad journalism is becoming more banal. Today’s newspaper are fully of misunderstood facts, misgiving thoughts and so on.

In the 15th century Gutenberg started a revolution with his new way to spread the news: the so-called press. As years would follow, the communication and its tools have become more sophisticated. From the giant typewriter to today’s tablets and notebooks the way of relating and issuing has changed completely.

Back then the journalists had to make an investigative job before write about something: searching, asking, doubting, claiming, requesting; therefore, seeking the truth. As the years went by the journalism have become more technological.

In the 20th century the press dubbed itself as “the new source of power”. Quoting Francois Bacon: “the knowledge is power” and definitively the press at the time was it. Due to its connections with the poor and the network with the wealth the press established itself as the pivot of the new developed world, covering from the sports to politics.

The policymakers’ awareness power of the media tried to control it. With the pro-democracy appeal at the time it has become more difficult. Unsurprisingly, the politicians gave up of trying to fight against the flow and become the river – creating and buying journals.

Today I read on Época(a Brazilian political-entertainment magazine) an article about a labour regime on the” Autarquias” (sort of Federal branch) – which has been discussed through the years.  Starting to read it I realize how bad are the today’s journalists (in special here in Brazil). They now even try sell something with the minimum of truth. The person (he does not deserve be called as a professional) who wrote the article even tried to establishes a creditworthiness coherence. 

Here in Brazil the lack of good media reflects how mediocre our society and the people whose lives here are. Unfortunately, it seems it will be worse until get better…

And the lack of criticism and leniency goes on. Our beloved homeland your citizens are so stupids.

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